WBT - The company

WBT is a young and dynamic organization of engineers, designers and technicians who have many years of industry specific experience that allows to offer quick answers both during the proposal to the customer and in production phase.
Thanks to the reliability and professional capability of its employees, the company provides a high quality of results and compliance with scheduled delivery times.
A must of the company is the constant research for new production technologies and more performant materials to be used for the realization of better products.

Even if WBT is still young it boasts a rich and virtuous extensive collaboration with the largest and most important companies in the industry which joins the great experience gained during company's founders and shareholders professional careers. Therefore, important worldwide companies rely on Wire Belt to supply the spare parts for their plants.

For any requests do not hesitate to contact us.


The company is focused on the production of the following products:

Wire metal mesh belts for baking lines
  - Belts for tunnel ovens
  - Belt for loading/unloading ovens
  - Belts for coolers
  - Belts for cookers
  - Belts for pasteurizers
  - Belts for sugar, icing and chocolate enrobing
  - Belt for washing tunnel apparatus
  - Belt for thermoshrinking ovens

Wire metal mesh belts and plates for heat treatment lines
  - Belts for tunnel ovens
  - Belt for loading/unloading ovens
  - Belts carrying hot pieces
  - Belts for extractors of pieces from the treatment tanks
  - Belt for washing tunnel apparatus
  - Silent chain (CATENSIL) and specific gears for carrying hot pieces in high speed during the manufacturing phases

Wire metal mesh belts and plates for glass production lines
  - Woven wire conveyor belts for annealing and decorating lehrs carrying glass containers and glass tableware
  - Silent chain (CATENSIL) and gears
  - Transfer plates
  - Tapes for glass scrap extractors

Shear blades for single, double and triple feeder
  - Specific blades realized using high-quality alloys for cutting the gobs of glass

Mechanical parts for conveyor belts
  - Gears for silent chain
  - Sprockets and specific toothed wheels for conveyor belts
  - Gears and pinions of various type designed by us or by the customer
  - Pulling and referral trees

Metal conveyor belts for several sectors
  - Mechanical, Metallurgical
  - Wood
  - Architecture
  - Pharmaceutical
  - Ecology and Metal Recycling
  - Water treatment

Full conveyor installations
- Customized systems to satisfy the requirements of handling the products during the production cycle.

WBT has the skills and the capability to design and realize all these equipments thanks to its commissioning experience in customer service.

MECSPE - 23-25/3/17 - Pad. 5 Stand L56 MECSPE - 23-25/3/17 - Pad. 5 Stand L56   -   date: 2017-03-23
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Change of address
Change of address
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MECSPE - 23-25/3/17
MECSPE - 23-25/3/17
Wire Belt Technology
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Silent chain and gears
Silent chain and gears
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